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At Roofer Squared, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the roofing industry. That's why we use our proprietary Interact - GeNai Technology - a revolutionary Human-AI service designed specifically for Roofing Contractors. With GeNai, we're here to help you secure more projects, streamline your operations, and skyrocket your profits.

Seize More Opportunities: GeNai uses advanced AI algorithms to identify the best leads and opportunities, ensuring you're always first in line for the most lucrative projects.

Operational Excellence: From inventory management to scheduling, GeNai optimizes every aspect of your operations, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best - roofing.

Profitability Maximization: Leverage GeNai's deep industry insights to quote competitively, reduce costs, and increase your profit margins on every project.

Unmatched Support: Paired with Interact's expert strategists, you get tailored support to utilize GeNai effectively, whether you're looking to enhance your SEO, manage social media, or create compelling content.

Take Your Efforts to the Next Level and Achieve Maximum Results


Interact's GeNai enriches your roofing business with a cutting-edge blend of human-assisted AI and strategic expertise. Here’s the unparalleled value we deliver:

Custom-Tailored AI: Developed with our proprietary T4 engine, GeNai is meticulously tailored to understand the unique facets of the roofing industry, your business nuances, community context, and customer preferences, ensuring all strategies resonate with your specific goals.

Strategic Digital Enhancement: Your digital presence is elevated through strategic SEO, compelling social media campaigns, and impactful content. This is achieved through a human-assisted AI approach, ensuring your online efforts are personalized, engaging, and reflective of your brand ethos.

Informed Insights for Growth: GeNai equips you with actionable insights, leveraging a deep understanding of your business and market trends. This enables strategic decisions that drive growth, adaptability, and competitive advantage.

Dynamic Personalization and Learning: With the continuous learning capabilities of the T4 engine, your GeNai Transformer stays abreast of the latest developments in your business and industry, ensuring your strategies evolve to meet changing demands.

Expert Partnership: Pairing GeNai with our experienced strategists amplifies its impact, blending AI's efficiency with human insight. This partnership covers digital marketing, SEO, content creation, and beyond, guaranteeing a cohesive, on-brand approach that propels your roofing business forward.

By integrating Interact's GeNai into your operations, you're not just adopting AI; you're embracing a symbiotic solution where custom AI and human expertise drive your business to new heights of success. This innovative approach not only enhances your digital marketing efforts but also supports a broad spectrum of your business needs, from strategic planning to customer engagement, ensuring your roofing business thrives in today's competitive landscape.